President's Messages > April 2008

On March l8, our third vice-president, Margery Beitzel, stepped in with great aplomb to run a very successful meeting since I and both the first and second vice-presidents were out sick.  Thanks Margie!  Margie reported that it was an excellent meeting and that many board members just stepped up to the plate and did an outstanding job of filling in wherever they were needed.  What a team--you are the greatest!

Margie also reported that Senator Wentworth was fantastic, as usual, and that he has become quite a story teller of jokes!  We certainly appreciate the Senator's contribution.

Secretary Roger Williams will be with us on April l5th so be ready to volunteer for Texas Victory 2008!  He is a great motivator and we need his inspiration to get us involved; if we don't, Texas could become a "blue state" and we definitely don't want that.  Just look at the masses of Democrats who showed up at the polls and their caucuses.  We must counteract them and get busy right now. 

Thanks to all the members who worked on election day as judges and clerks, as well as those who  block walked, held "meet and greets" for candidates, put signs in their yards, or handed out flyers for candidates.  Everything you did was so very important.  Please remember to send your volunteer hours to Patty Miller, our Campaign Activties Chair.  There was a list of what volunteer hours you may count in last month's newsletter.  Patty's email is:

An update:  I am doing fine.  I was able to have the coiling procedure done without adding the stent, so now my brain is trying to adjust to having the aneurysm filled with this ball of coiled platinum at the branch of my inner carotid artery and opthamalic artery.  The aneurysm was much larger than anticipated once they did the cerebral angiogram and got into my brain.  I am okay with that as long as the coiled platinum stays put!

You have all been so generous with prayers, cards, emails, telephone calls, flowers and food.  It is an awesome feeling to know that so many people care--you are all so special to me.

I am looking forward to seeing you on April l5.


Freida Wright