President's Messages > May 2008

 "Why doesn't he run for office" is he question I received from quite a few people after Secretary Roger Williams spoke at our April luncheon.  Statements were made such as "Wasn't he great?" and "I know he has got everyone all pumped and ready for the 2008 election season."  Remember, if Secretary Williams didn't get all of your questions answered, please contact Thomas Marks, South Texas Field Director for Texas Victory 2008, at or 5l2-592-l826.

Please note:  our next luncheon date will be on THURSDAY, May 29th.  Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller, will be our featured speaker.  In addition, we will also have someone from the Voter Registration office attending, and he/she will be deputizing members as deputy registrars.  We must register as many new voters as possible so they will be able to vote in November.  You will be amazed at how many of your friends, neighbors and acquaintances who are not registered. To be qualified to vote in November a voter must be registered thirty days prior to Election Day.

The next event on our agenda is our 12th Annual Retama Park fundraiser on May 3lst.  If you are new to the club, please be advised that our dinner and silent auction will be held in an air-conditioned pavilion right on trackside at the finish line.  We also have a private roped-off area outside where you can see and view the horses as they come to the finish line.  Even if you do not gamble, it is an evening of fun and fellowship with other Republicans..  Last year we did something different by inviting some of our wounded soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston.  We had forty-seven persons, including babies, to show up.  It was quite successful, and the soldiers said if was one of the best events they had attended, so much so that we decided to do it again this year.  We have invited thrirty soldiers, and as we get more sponsors, we will invite more in the future.  When purchasing your tickets, please consider sponsoring at least one soldier, a soldier's child or even sponsoring a table.  You will be greatly blessed when you meet these brave warriors.  Also, this event is not something just for members, so please feel free to invite your friends and neighbors.

We will be holding a New Member Orientation brunch this summer at a private home for the new members who have joined Alamo City Republican Women in the past l2 months,  Betty Ford, our New Member Liaison, will be contacting you with the date, time and location as soon as everything is confirmed.  We will have a board member from the Texas Federation of Republican Women in attendance plus a representative of the Republican Party of Texas.

Mark your calendars for May 29th for the monthly luncheon and May 3lst for the Retama event.

See you there!


Freida Wright