President's Messages > August 2008

More than forty guests attended another successful new-member orientation brunch that took place at the lovely home of Justice Rebecca Simmons on Saturday, July l9th.  We are so grateful to Justice Simmons for her hospitality and to her son, Patrick, who led both pledges for us.

A lovely brunch was provided by the Alamo City Republican Women Executive Board.  Thank you ladies; you always come through when called upon.  We also appreciate the elected officials and candidates who took time out of their day off to attend.

Derek Ryan, Research Director for the Republican Party of Texas, gave us some very interesting statistics about what is going on in Texas politics, and Jenny Sykes, Organizational Director, explained the party structure, giving all attendees a new educational handout.  Betty Ford, our New Member Liaison, has extra handouts, so if you were unable to attend, please see Betty at the September luncheon.  All future new-member packets will include the new handout to replace the previous one.  Tom Marks, Field Director for South Texas, Texas Victory 2008, also addressed the guests.

I hear from Patty Miller, our Campaign Activities Chair, that some of our members are not turning in their volunteer hours.  Remember:  we are trying to win cash donated by Lt. Governor Dewhurst for our candidates' fund.  I know that many of you attended the state convention in Houston because I saw you there!  Count the hours you were there as volunteer hours plus the hours for any committee you served on.  Mail outs or any political work for candidates count.  You cannot count our luncheon meetings.  All hours count for the TFRW awards but for Lt. Governor Dewhurst's contest, only those from the Primary to November 4th count.  If you have not turned any hours in to Patty this year, please do so.  She will accept hours back to January if you forgot to turn them in.  Email Patty at

Our newly-designed Texas Pledge cards are available, so please remember so pick up a few when you are at the next meeting.  We have provided a place for you this time to add your name and telephone number.

Our 2008/2009 Handbook will be available at our September luncheon.  We really appreciate our sponsors who make it possible for us to distribute this to you at no cost, and we have some new sponsors this year; so please remember:  support them or use their services hope you are having a wonderful summer!



Freida Wright