President's Messages > September 2008

Fall is almost here and Election Day is just around the corner.   So many of our candidates need your help!   Call or email Tom Marks, 2008 Victory South Texas Field Director, to volunteer if you haven't already done so to see how you can help.  His email is tmarks@texasgop.or or call (512)592-1826.  Victory 2008 will help all candidates, but if you prefer to work directly with candidate please do so.   Every job is important, however small.  If you are unable to volunteer I know that candidates will really appreciate your financial help.  This is going to be one of the most important Presidential elections in our lifetime, so we must get our Republican base out and get them to vote a straight-party ticket to pull in all of our down-ballot candidates.

 Do you know anyone who is not registered to vote?   The deadline is October 6th.  Doris Westbrook, our Voter Registration Chair, has applications if you need some.  They will also be available at our September luncheon.  Whenever you meet new people ask if they are registered to vote.  Carry an application in your purse.   We are fortunate here in Texas regarding having to register voters thirty days prior to an election.  I was at a luncheon this past week with Senator Elizabeth Dole and she said the Democrat legislature in her state of North Carolina passed a bill so that voters can now register at the polls on election day--which means that our-of-state students and others can come across state lines to vote in November.   North Carolina is one of those states where the Democrat National Committee believes Obama can win, and that they can oust Senator Dole. has already spent over a million dollars on ads targeting Senator Dole.

We will be electing two members and two alternates to serve on the nomination committee at the September luncheon.  On August 18th Executive Board members, Margery Beitzel, Shirley Cooper and Sharon Kemp were chosen to serve on the committee representing the board as required by our bylaws.   If you would like to serve on the committee, please have someone nominate you at the September luncheon.  The slate of officers for 2009 selected by the nomination committee will be presented at our October luncheon.   If you wish to be considered to serve on the 2009 Executive Board, please contact one of our nominating committee members as soon as possible.

 Remember to wear something"Republican" wherever you go, even if it is just your Alamo City Republican Women name tag.  I wear my McCain pin everywhere I go now--one of those glitzy ones that attracts attention--and it does open up the conversation to politics.


I hope to see you on the 16th September.


Freida Wright.