President's Messages > November 08

By  the time you receive this newsletter the elections will be over.  There will be some rejoicing and some tears shed.  So many of you have volunteered tirelessly for our Republican candidate, and you are all greatly appreciated.  This election reminds me of the seventies when everyone wanted to "kick them all out because of Watergate."  Watergate seems such a minor event after all that has happened in subsequent years, i.e., "Monica-gate" and "File-gate"---and now we have Acorn.  I am amazed that members of the Democrat party are not outraged about all of the illegal things Acorn has done running up to this election.  The general public appears to have forgotten that we already have a Democrat Congress; and poor President Bush gets blamed for everything---9/11, Katrina, Rita and the War on Terror, none of which was his fault.

So now it is on to the May 2009 city elections; we must get more Republicans elected locally.  I know the city elections are supposed to be non-partisan---which is so ridiculous because we all know that right now we have a Democrat mayor, eight Democrat council persons, one Republican and one of whom we are not sure about, running our city and making decisions that affect our lives and our finances.  After the last city elections, so many of our members who reside in District 8 later told me that if only they had known Jacob Dell was a Republican, they would have voted for him.  Therefore, we need to make sure this time that everyone knows each candidate's persuasion.

Our October luncheon was great.  We had so many walk-ins, and fortunately Oak Hills Country Club was able to accomodate them.  Congress Lamar Smith and Borah Van Dormolen were both awesome speakers.  Thirteen guests chose to become members of Alamo City Republican Women---what an exciting day!

Dr. David Crockett, from the Trinity University Science Department, will be analyzing the elections for us on November 18.  His specialty is presidential elections---be sure to read his bio inside this issue.

We will also have a brief presentation by the Majella Society regarding their gala event at 7:00 PM on December 11 at the downtown Grand Hyatt Hotel.  Gov. Mike Huckabee will be the keynote speaker.  It is a free event; however, the Majella Society will request donations to support their work.  I have already filled three tables.  If you are interested in attending, please contact me.  I am certain we will have a fourth table. 

Freida Wright