President's Messages > December 08

It is hard to believe that with this newsletter, we are announcing our final luncheon in 2008.  We have an exciting day planned for you on the 16th, so please make your reservations early.


It was such a disappointing November for us all.  Dr. David Crockett did an outstanding job of explaining the elections at our last luncheon.  In fact, many people wished he had given everyone a copy of his speech to study when they got home.   I informed him that from now on he is our "in-house" expert, and we want him back every two years for an analysis. 


We are all devastated at the loss of our two sitting District Judges, Joe Brown and Burt Richardson; add to this the loss of Marcia Weiner, J. P. Court and many of excellent candidates.  There were a few bright stars on what was otherwise a dark night---three of our local candidates, Frank Corte, Kevin Wolff and Mark Vojdovich who had Democrat opponents all won, as did all of our state-wide candidates.


Something has got to change, and it has to start at the local level.  We have to get some new direction and new ideas otherwise Bexar County is going to become more "blue" with each election.  We could learn a few things from the Bexar Democrats.  I checked their website frequently just to see what they are doing, especially during the election period.  They are so organized at the grassroots level and they constantly update their website to keep everyone informed.  Unfortunately the Bexar County Republican website had the date of September 2nd when I checked it today, and much of the information is outdated.  They are still listing some of the club presidents from 2007!  Check the Republican website at and the Democrat website at


Would you like to serve on a committee or be a committee chair for 2009?  If you are new to our club, this is a good way to get to know the workings of the organization, and you will make many new friends.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas!



Freida Wright