President's Messages > January 2009


We decided that after all the hard work and the disappointments generated on November 4th that it was appropriate to close out the new year with a fun-filled Christmas luncheon.  I know the concept, performed by the New Beacon Hill Baptist Church Mariachis, was a welcomed surprise that all attendees appeared to enjoy.  All of the mariachis are from one talented family--grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and children.

Hazel Roman, the Texas Federation of Republican Women Membership Vice President, installed the 2009 executive board.  She then aided in the drawing of tickets for the 154 free door prizes that we gave away.  Many thanks go to all the members who donated gifts.  There were many of you who donated more than one gift; one board member, Betty Puckett, donated forty prizes!  Sheryl Meade, an associate member, donated one of her special balloon creations--a Christmas tree.  We wanted to be certain that each attendee would receive a gift, and they all did.  Many of the pictures taken that day have been placed on the website and are printable.

Patsy Lee, Caring for America Chair, also presented diapers during our meeting to a Pregnancy Care representative, plus children's and baby items to a representative of the SAMM Family Traditional Living Center. 

Alamo City Republican Women participated in another great event on December 11th.  We hosted seven tables, totaling seventy-two guests at The Majella Society Gala held at the new Grand Hyatt Hotel.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner followed by Gov. Mike Huckabee, the keynote speaker.  He was hilarious; he makes you feel as if you know him personally of that he could be your neighbor.  Many members have told me that they now wish that they had attended and want to be on the invitation list in 2009 even though we do not yet know who the speaker will be!  The Majella Society held a gala in San Antonio for the last three years, and it is growing each year.  The first year Senator Zell Miller was the keynote speaker; in 2007 it was President Reagan's son, Michael.  Both are great speakers. 

Alamo City Republican Women had another great year.  Each year we wonder how we can top the previous year, but we always manage to do so because of the commitment of the executive board, all of the committee chairs and volunteers working behind the scenes.  Many board members do more than one job and just jump in to help other committees whenever help is needed.  We had an awesome team in 2008, and I know the 2009 team will do a great job too.  There are still vacancies for those of you who would like to get involved.

Freida Wright