President's Messages > February 2009

We started off 2009 with two very informative speakers, Peggy Venable and Councilman John Clamp, both of whom gave us quite an education on what is going on in the state and city, respectively.    We will have lots of flyers available from Peggy and John at future luncheons.  Many people were impressed with Councilman John Clamp and said, "That young man is going places!"

I wish to thank all of you who took the time to send e-mails to President Bush thanking him for his service to America and for keeping us safe.  I hope you got to read Sharon Raber's great letter on the editorial page of the Express-News last week.  Sharon is a new member of Alamo City Republican Women.  I didn't receive the information as to where to send the e-mails until two days before the deadline.  Still, so many of you got on the ball by not only sending e-mails to him, but by asking your friends around the USA to do the same thing!

Marialyn Barnard's swearing-in ceremony as Justice, 4th Court of Appeals, on January 23 was quite impressive.   The "A" team was out in force! Senator John Cornyn, U.S. Judge Orlando Garcia and Senator Jeff Wentworth lauded Marialyn at the podium where she was then sworn in by Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court. This was followed by a reception at The Argyle.   We ran into many old friends there: U.S. Judge Xavier Rodriguez, Judge Richard Price, Judge Rene Diaz and George Atuna, just to name a few.  I did get to chat with Senator Cornyn and his wife Sandy for a very short time, and both commented that on Inauguration Day, President Bush could not hear the boos and chants, nor could the nasty signs be read at that distance.  The Cornyns were sitting pretty close to the President and they said they didn't know about it until they saw the news later.

As you can see, we are holding our membership Recruitment Reception at a new location this year.  Since the purpose of the reception is to recruit new members, we felt it was time to move North where many of the younger Republicans are moving.  One of our members, Susan Franklin, has donated her beautiful home in Greystone Country Estates.   All we are asking of our members who plan to attend is to bring at least one guest and a plate of finger foods.  Alamo City Republican Women will provide everything else.  Please note that this event will be held on Wednesday February 18.   There is always confusion regarding the payment of $35.00 (which includes free membership).   Everyone pays to attend.  If you have already paid your membership dues for 2009, you will only need to send a check for $10.00 to Sharon Kemp.


 It is going to be a fun day, so I hope to see you there!


Freida Wright.