President's Messages > March 2009

We broke our previous record of recruiting forty-two new members in one day. This time we had a total of seventy-two new members to join us at our recent Annual Membership Reception held in the beautiful home of Susan and Aubra Franklin. Awesome!  The dreary drizzle San Antonio experienced on February 17th moved away as the sun came out for us on the 18th to make a perfect day.  The Governor was in top form as was Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones who introduced him.   I think they both greeted almost every person there--or they attempted to.

We cannot thank Susan and Aubra Franklin enough for their generosity in hosting the reception.  There are so many members to thank for making this event so successful:  Barbara Bearr took all those phone calls and gave out directions and other information.  Carolyn and Ken McCollister worked late Tuesday night sorting out all of the reservations and then managed the check-in tables on Wednesday.  Margie Beitzel and Dottie Merrill, membership chairs, did a fantastic job of organizing a host of volunteers for the name tag tables, as punch servers, and as food runners and kitchen staff, including our two male kitchen chiefs-for-the-day, Don Tedder and Jim White.  Sara White and her greeting committee came out in force, making sure every attendee was welcomed.   We had Sharon Kemp, our treasurer, who worked so hard behind the scenes to keep all the money straight, before and after the event.  A special "thank you" goes to Tracie Hasslocher who provided the outside registration and punch tables.  The finger foods provided by the attending members were, as always delicious.  if I have failed to acknowledge any participant by name, please forgive me.  i want you to know you are all appreciated.

I would also be remiss if i didn't thank Jacqueline Ortiz, WOAI News, for the great publicity we received on the 6:00PM and 10:00PM news on the 18th.  I personally received emails, from two Democrat friends who saw the news and said they liked what the Governor said!   One friend emailed me to ask about Governor Perry's book after seeing him with the two scouts on the news.  For those of you unable to attend, we had two Eagle Scouts lead the pledges at the reception.  Then, at the end of his speech, Governor Perry presented them each with a copy of his book, On My Honor, inscribed with their names and signed, "from a fellow Eagle Scout, Rick Perry."  If you are unfamiliar with the Governor's book, it is available on-line or in bookstores.  All proceeds go to the Boy Scouts.

Again, thank you Alamo City Republican Women--you are an amazing team!

Freida Wright