President's Messages > June/July 2009

Who would have thought that a talk-show host from Houston with the name Claver T.Kamau-Imani would generate so much interest at our May luncheon.  Attendees were so intense listening to his message that one could have heard a pin drop.   Claver certainly gave us much food for thought.    We have received so many calls and emails commenting that he is one of the best speakers we have ever had at any of our luncheons--and we have had some great ones!  Comments at our June executive board meeting were made by some members saying, "we need to get him back again next year so that more members can hear what he has to say."  Now, the good news is that the Texas Federation of Republican Women has chosen him to be one of the seminar speakers on the Saturday at the Federation Convention to be held in Galveston November l3, l4 and l5.  More details of the convention will be given in a subsequent newsletter;  however, please block out those dates on your calendar now.  Alamo City Republican Women will be electing 32 delegates and 32 alternates to attend the convention at the September luncheon, so please let me or any other member of the board know if you wish to be a delegate.

Alamo City Republican Women celebrated its Golden Anniversary at The Magic Time Machine on May 30th.  Photographs of this event may be viewed on the website; a few are on my Facebook page.  Tracie Hasslocher, our Second Vice President and Ways and Means Chair, did an awesome job of organizing the party.  Many people commented that they had never been to a Republican event where there was so much food with such a variety, for only $25.00 per person at that!  Tracie booked singer Natalie Rose as the entertainment--she is a l4 year old rising star!  Board members Sharon Kemp, Ann Comerio, Betty Puckett, Silvia York, Jackie Duke, Tommye Crabb, and Josie Dickerson all assisted in making this a lovely celebration.  I also want to thank Judge Sarah Garrahan and Councilman John Clamp for supporting us. 

Although we will not be holding luncheons at Oak Hills during the summer months, Alamo City Republican Women has a busy schedule.  We are holding our Annual New Member Orientation Brunch at The Hill Country Retreat by Del Webb on July 25th.  This is for all members who have joined since July, 2008,  If you are one of these, you will be receiving an invitation in the mail.  The executive Board will be catering the brunch--I am thankful that we have over 30 board members!

We will be hosting a Campaign Management School here in San Antonio on Saturday, August 22nd.  This is for candidates, prospective candidates and for people who would like to be a campaign manager or to just work on a campaign.  Please mark your calendar for this event.  More details to follow.

There are exciting days ahead--stay cool!

Freida Wright