President's Messages > August 2009

 First I wish to apologize for the late appearance of this month's newsletter and hope your interest will not be diminished by my tardiness.   There is, of course, a genuine reason--isn't there always!   My excuse is: the lazy days of this long, dry-and-over 100 degrees weather!

Although we have not held regular monthly luncheons, there have been, and still are many political activities taking place--fundraisers and other gatherings all over the county.   Read about our Annual New Member and Guest Orientation Brunch that we held on July 25th at The Resort by Del Webb  described inside this newsletter.  Later, and on the same day, Congressman Lamar Smith held his Annual Barbeque; it was very well attended despite the 100 plus temperature.   The Congressman always gives wonderful and informative updates of what is taking place in Washington.  We are very fortunate to have him representing us.

The next big event is the Texas Federation of Republican Women's Campaign Management School to be held here in San Antonio at the Magic Time Machine on August 22nd.   There is an application on page 5 to attend this school, and it is a bargain at $50.00.   This includes your workbook, continental breakfast and lunch.   This school is not only for candidates and campaign treasurers, but for all campaign volunteers and anyone who is interested in learning about campaigns.   If you know who is contemplating running for office now or in the future, please pass this information along.

It is time for all of us to become political activists.  The Democrats think they "can smell blood" after Obama's success in carrying the larger cities in Texas; also they have take over the courts in Dallas and Houston.  They are filing candidates against Republicans, but I believe we can stave them off with hard work, and now with Obama's hep!

We will be electing at the September 15th luncheon delegates to the Texas Federation of Republican Women's Biennial Convention to be held in Galveston this year on November 13,14 and 15.  As of today, we are allowed 35 delegates and 35 alternates.  Please contact me if you would like to be a delegate.  The state conventions are not only educational they are fun.  You will get to meet and greet the majority of the Texas elected officials and candidates, and many of them will have hospitality suites.  Block those dates off your calendar now.

I hope you are having a great summer!


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