President's Messages > February 10

We didn't break the record for attendance at the January luncheon; however we came in second! The largest attendance we have ever had at a luncheon was in October 2006 when Mrs. Perry was our guest of honor. What a wonderful group of guests we had on January 19. Eleven of those chose to become members of Alamo City Republican Women. Didn't Cathie Adams, the GOP state chairwoman, do a remarkable job considering she was not able to give her Powerpoint presentation due to computer technical difficulties? Cathie will be running for a full term as chairwoman at the state convention which is to be held in Fort Worth this June.

Everyone is excited about Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts, so now is the time to get everyone involved at some level. Volunteers are needed for all kinds of work. Our candidates need you, the party HQ needs you and Alamo City needs you to serve on committees. I know each of you has a talent that can be used somewhere. Many of our local candidates need help with their campaigns. Have you been to a campaign school or do you have any expertise at helping with a campaign? Some candidates cannot afford to hire professionals, so this is where we can help. I know some of you do not like making phone calls, but there are other ways you can help. Please think about how you can serve.

I want to give a special “thank you” to all of our members who will be working as election judges and clerks on Election Day and at early voting locations around the county. If you are not working, please consider volunteering to hand out information for your favorite candidate or candidates at your local polling location. Even working for one or two hours would be a great help.

Alamo City Republican Woman still has vacancies on the board; one of the most important ones is the need for someone to lay out our newsletter each month. You do not have to write articles or even edit articles. They would be sent to you ready to be inserted. Our photographer/historian is willing to do this job if she can find someone to take her place.

As you have seen on the outside cover of this newsletter, our next big event is the Membership Recruitment Reception to be held on February 16th. Alamo City Republican Women member, Margaret Cluck, has graciously offered the use of her lovely home in Olmos Park.

We are so fortunate to have Joe Straus, Texas Speaker of the House as our guest of honor so please invite all your friends and neighbors to meet him. Joe also represents District 121 in the Texas legislature. We have also invited our statewide candidates to the reception. We should also have many local candidates in attendance. This is a walk-around meet-and-greet event, so you will get to mix and mingle and get to know people on a personal level.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the the 16th.




Freida Wright