President's Messages > November 09

No state income tax! New buildings going up in San Antonio. New businesses opening. A robust economy. No one dying on the streets for lack of food or healthcare, or health insurance! Aren't you glad you live in Texas? I am so proud to be an American and a Texan. I have always been very patriotic towards the USA, but after living in the US for many years, and finally becoming a citizen 12 years ago, I didn't realize how much of a Texan I had become. I must admit, however, after all these years, I still get a lump in my throat when I hear the British National Anthem, “God Save The Queen.”

We have had a busy month. Bobby Eberle,, was our guest speaker at the October luncheon; he was fantastic. That same day, retiring Judge Michael Peden stopped by, before the program began, to thank Alamo City Republican Women for all they had done for him over the years, and to especially thank Shirley Cooper and Yvonne Kohutek, two special members who had worked so hard on his early campaigns. He and his wife, Kathy, presented Shirley and Yvonne each with a beautiful floral arrangement. Judge Peden then handed me a very large check as a donation to our Political Action Committee in honor of Shirley and Yvonne. Thank you Judge Peden; you are so generous. We love you, and we will miss you. Also, it was so good to hear from our two newly-appointed judges plus all the other candidates who spoke that day. Two days later, our members helped with the “Meet the Candidates” outside event at McArthur Park. I believe this turned out to be the hottest day in October.

One of our new judges, Lisa Jarrett, was sworn in on Thursday, October 22nd in the Grand Jury Room. This was followed by a reception at The Magnolia Gardens. Then it was on to Justice Ray Angelini's fundraiser at The Quarry Golf Club.

Despite the torrential rains and flash flood warnings on Monday October 26th, many Alamo City Republican Women members attended a “Meet and Greet” with the First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry, that evening at The Magic Time Machine, sponsored by Ann Comerio and Marsha Shields What a gracious, lovely and caring lady Mrs. Perry is.

The Nov 2nd elections will by over by the time most of you receive this newsletter, but I do want to take this opportunity to thank all of our members who took the time to work at the polls that day, either as judges or clerks.

Be sure to read the whole article by Jay Nordlinger, Senior Editor of The National Review magazine, regarding our guest speaker, Ted Cruz. You can tell that he really likes Ted--and I think you will too!

I am looking forward to seeing you on November 17th. Should you arrive early, you will enjoy the lovely music of one of our newest members, Joan Muenzler.



Freida Wright