President's Messages > March 2010

How much better can it get! We not only had the Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus, State Senator Jeff Wentworth and U.S. Congressman Lamar Smith to attend, but also numerous elected officials and candidates who mingled with our guests at our annual Membership Recruitment Reception held on February 16th. What a fabulous event it was!


Margaret Cluck graciously opened her lovely home for us, and not only that, she arranged all those beautiful flowers herself. Needless to say, she is a very talented lady. Thank you Margaret.


Our membership came through, as usual, with a delicious variety of food—and this year we had an ample amount for everyone. Our two male volunteers, Don Tedder and Jim White, kept things hopping in the kitchen. We are so grateful to all the volunteers--too many to list individually, who made this event so successful. Margie Beitzel had teams of volunteers working the kitchen, as punch servers, as food runners plus those at the name-tag table. Then there was Sara White with her team of greeters. I would be remiss if I didn't mention by name Ken and Carolyn McCollister who worked late on Monday night updating the registration lists, and Barbara Bearr, who fielded all those information phone calls. Sharon Kemp, who had lost her beloved Mel two weeks earlier, still carried on to fulfill her obligation as treasurer for Alamo City Republican Women. What an awesome group of members you all are—I am so proud of you!


By the time you receive this newsletter the primaries will be over but we still may have some of our candidates in run-offs. The date of the run-off election is April 13th.


Please try to attend your Precinct Convention on March 2nd at your local polling place. It starts at 7:30PM. If you wish to attend your Senatorial Convention you will have to be elected to do so at the Precinct Convention. There is a list of the locations, the date and start times of the Senatorial Conventions inside this newsletter.


I know that some of you will be disappointed if your candidate lost, but now it is time to unite and stand behind all of our Republican candidates who will have Democrat opponents this November.


Bring a friend to the luncheon. It is going to be a interesting meeting; the Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Pattterson, will be our speaker.