President's Messages > May 2010

We had a super turnout at the April luncheon for Frank Corte, State Representative, District 122. He always has interesting news to share with us. Both he and Valerie have been great supporters of Alamo City Republican Women for years. We are going to miss him when he leaves office at the end of 2010.

Janet Ketcham, Executive Director of CASA, gave an inspiring talk on the workings and successes of CASA. She stated that there is a need for more volunteers and left brochures that will be placed on the entrance table at the May luncheon should you wish to read more about the organization.

The two winners of the primary run-offs, Quico Canseco and Clayton Trotter both had the opportunity to address the membership, as did three judicial candidates,Cathy Stryker, Scott Roberts and Walden Shelton.

A “thank you” should go to all the members who volunteered numerous hours to the campaigns of their favorite candidates. I know it is very disappointing when your candidate does not win, but please get on board with the winners. We must all hold together now until November to get all of our Republican candidates elected.

We are going to have another exciting meeting in May. Dr. Maria Hernandez Ferrier, President of Texas A&M San Antonio, will be our guest speaker. Maria was a member of Alamo City Republican Women when she received the call from President G.W. Bush to go to Washington. Read her bio in this newsletter. She is an amazing woman and I know you will all love her.

Our second speaker is Ken Thompson; he will be talking about the “Boots on the Ground,” a wounded warrior organization. Ken was at our April luncheon, so some of you may have already met him.

This will be our final luncheon before the summer break. We will not be resting, however. You will be notified of different events that we will be participating in during the summer months.