President's Messages > July/August

Someone emailed me last week to say said she had not received her newsletter. No, we have not taken anyone off of the mailing list. It is just that in the summer we often do a two-month issue since we are not holding our monthly meetings.

However, we are not sitting on our laurels! There is so much activity going on in the political arena. There was the Texas Republican Party State Convention in Dallas that many of you attended in June plus there have been fundraisers galore---and more are coming! We try to have representatives from Alamo City Republican Women to attend all of the fundraisers, plus we are making donations from our candidate fund to the campaigns of our judiciary candidates. For clarification, since we are a Texas Political Action Committee and not a Federal Political Action Committee, we are not allowed to make donations to our federal candidates; but that doesn't mean we cannot donate money personally or help out in other ways. I know many of our members are already volunteering for our federal candidates. Keep up the good work and remember to report all of your volunteer hours to Patty Miller.

On June 24th , Alamo City Republican Women assisted Jason Pulliam, candidate for County Court at Law #5, with his “Meet and Greet” at The Magic Time Machine. Our members were out in force, and many were wearing their smart Alamo City Republican Women red polo shirts! Diane Dillon still has a few on hand if you didn't place an order.

Our next big event is our annual “New Member Orientation” brunch on July 24th. This year we are making it a “Meet the Candidates” event too. All members who have joined Alamo City in the last 12 months are invited to attend at no cost along with our local candidates. Potential members are welcome to attend at no cost. Regular members who wish to attend may do so for a minimum charge of $10.00. Reservations are a must! Please note the reservation numbers on the outside of this newsletter.

Our beautiful 2010 Handbook will be available at the new member reception and also at the monthly luncheons beginning in September until all paid members have obtained their copy. Remember we cannot mail the handbooks since they are spiral bound and have 80 pages so you may wish to have a friend pick up your copy. Additional copies will be available for $15.00.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.


Freida Wright