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Senator Wentworth, as usual, was a big hit at our September luncheon. He gave the members a lot of insight as to what is going to be the main thrust of the 2011 legislative session. All of the candidates in attendance also introduced themselves to the membership. This was a great day—full house too! Every seat was filled; some members even had to eat at the registration tables.

Our candidates are now calling daily to request volunteers. I know so many of you are already volunteering for candidates. However, we still need more members to get involved. Susan Parmeleau, the candidate for County Commissioners Court place 4, is in dire need of volunteers for all kinds of jobs. Please call her campaign office and speak to Polly Anderson to see what you can do to help. The number is 646-6800. You do not have to live in that district to help. However, if you want to find out if you live in District 4, just check your precinct number on your voter registration card. If it begins with a 4, you are in County Commissioner District 4. Clayton Trotter, candidate for the 20h Congressional District, is looking for volunteers as is John Garza, candidate for State Representative District 117. Actually, everyone on the ballot needs your help.

Are your tired of Bill White's commercials? I certainly am. I have heard some people say they are voting for him because it is time for a change. Change was Obama's mantra when he was running and look what has happened. I had one elderly Republican friend tell me that when she votes she is going to leave the Governor's race blank. When I asked why, she said it is because Rick Perry threw those people out of their homes to build toll roads?? I have never seen the commercial to which she is referring, but I am concerned that elderly people will start to believe those Bill White commercials.

I don't think I have metioned this previously but when we had a “Meet and Greet” event for Jason Pulliam at The Magic Time Machine in May, Judge Rickhoff's Democrat opponent attended, signed in as a candidate but did not pay. The girls working the door did not know she is a Democrat. We actually didn't find out until the event was over, and that was because she asked one of our members outside to vote for her. Brazen Democrats is all I can say!

We still have Rick Perry signs for a donation of $2.50. We need to get more of these placed in peoples' yards. Everywhere I go I see Bill White signs. If you would like some of our signs Shirley Cooper has some, and so do I. They will also be available at the luncheon.

Remember to wear your Alamo City Republican Women Polo shirts whenever you volunteer. Diane Dillon is expecting another shipment soon if you haven't already purchased one.

Keep up the good work. You are the greatest!