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President's Message

November 2nd now seems eons ago! What an exciting day it was for all of our local, statewide and national candidates! Now we are planning for 2012, but in between that ,we will have City elections in May and Constitutional Elections in November 2011.

I know some of you may be tired of hearing me say this—but “thank you, thank you, thank you” for all the volunteer hours you put in during this last election cycle. We had forty-nine male and female members to volunteer just at the Candidate Campaign HQ on Broadway! Then we had many, many volunteers working on the Canseco campaign, block-walking, holding meet-and-greets plus working the phone banks. During early voting, and on Election Day, many members worked as poll watchers or were handing out cards for candidates. Some of you may have volunteered at the regular HQ on Loop 410. Wherever you volunteered, just saying “Thank you” doesn't seem enough. You are all outstanding, and I am so proud of all of you.

A few members have approached me regarding issues that they want the Legislature to work on. This next six months will be the time for you to lobby the Legislators in Austin for the bills that are important to you. I know Voter ID is going to be a big issue again this session. I think it will pass since we have a good Republican majority this time. When the house was just about equally divided, it was difficult to do.

Please plan on attending Legislative Day in Austin on March 3rd. If you are new to politics or the club, attending will be a great learning event for you. There is a choice of great seminars for you to attend. This is an all-day event, so mark you calendars today. There will be application forms in the January newsletter. The cost is only $65.00 and that usually includes continental breakfast and definitely lunch; buses will shuttle us back and forth between the Capitol and and convention center and all the seminars. We are looking into the cost of hiring a bus to take us to Austin however, this maybe prohibitive. Anyway, we can always carpool and share the driving expenses.

Thank you for being a member of Alamo City Republican Women. I know many of you cannot attend the luncheons, but if you do, please make a point of introducing yourself to me if I haven't met you.

We are going to have a fun luncheon full of surprises so be sure to make your reservation early.