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I am disappointed in the fact that this newsletter will be in the mail before we have the results of the November 2nd elections. We have no choice since the newsletters go via bulk mail, and it often takes two weeks for the USPO to deliver them. Apparently the USPO can deliver bulk mail when they wish as long as it is within two weeks!

Borah Van Dormolen, the National Republican Committee Woman for Texas, did a fantastic job of “rallying the troops” at the October luncheon. She is always a favorite amongst our members and we were so fortunate that she was able to be with us. Next up is Dr. David Crockett of Trinity University who will be analyzing the elections and may be forecasting what we can expect in 2012! Be sure to read Dr. Crockett's bio inside.

I am still amazed at the number of members from Alamo City Republican Women who have volunteered for candidates this year. You have worked thousands of hours for the Republican Party and it's candidates. Please remember to count up your hours and either mail or email your totals to Patty Miller. Also, even if you have not turned any hours in for the previous two quarters we will still accept them. We are trying to win a cash award from the Texas Federation of Republican Women. If you are in doubt as to what counts, please call me or Patty Miller.

A new member asked me last week what will we do after the November elections. I answered that we start all over again to get ready for the 2012 elections. However, in between there will be lots of things going on. To start things off, there will be the Governor's Inauguration, and too, the Texas House will be in session for six months. There will be many opportunities to lobby for various causes in Austin. March 3rd will be Legislative Day. This is when members of all the federated Republican women's clubs from across the state will swarm to Austin, to visit their representatives and both houses, have lunch, and then attend great seminars. Be sure to mark your calendar for March 3rd.

IWe will have city elections in May and we will be volunteering for known Republicans although this is considered a non-partisan race. Personally, I do not think there is such a thing as a non-partisan race nowadays. We all know who a Republican candidate is and who a Democrat candidate is.

Again, on behalf of all of our candidates, thank you for all of the efforts you put in to the campaigns this year. You are an awesome group of women and men.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the November. 16th.