President's Messages > May 2011


The May 17 luncheon will be our final meeting before we close down for the summer so I do hope you will be able to be there. Once again we are going to have two speakers, Ken Mercer who serves on the State Board of Education and Gregory Parker, a Comal County Commissioner. Many of you have known Ken for years—maybe he was your state representative or is now your representative on the State Board of Education. Greg will be new to most of you but I think you will be impressed with him. Both of these gentlemen will be speaking on very interesting topics. Be sure to read their bios inside this newsletter. I hope you like the idea of printing the bios in the newsletters instead of having an introduction read at the luncheon. It saves us a lot of time at the meetings plus when an introduction is read we are more than likely to miss something.

We received many compliments on the April program. Both speakers were very interesting and both had fascinating life stories to tell.

Regarding our meetings at Oak Hills Country Club, there have been one or two complaints about the chicken served for lunch as either being too tough or undercooked. I have reported this to the manager. I can only say if it happened to me, I would quietly ask one of the servers for a replacement just as I would in any restaurant. I personally have never had reason to complain about the food.

Although we close down for the summer there will be many events taking place throughout those seemingly long hot months. One special event will be our Annual New Member Orientation brunch which will be held on a Saturday. No date or location has been confirmed. New members who have joined in the previous twelve months will receive an invitation in the mail from our New Member Liasion Chair, Kathi Ellis. At the orientation we will have a representative from the Texas GOP and a representative from the Texas Federation of Republican Women speak. Candidates and elected officials are always invited so that the new members are able to meet them on a personal level.Have you recruited a new member this year? I know many of you have recruited more than one and you are greatly appreciated for your efforts to grow our membership. Imagine the impact we would have if we all just brought in one new member.