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What a fun luncheon! We had expected a low turnout since it was Christmas week but over 140 people showed up. We began the program with the installation of the 2012 Executive Board performed by the Texas Federation of Republican Women District IX Deputy President Jennifer Lambert. Then John Garza, State Representative District 117, gave us a legislative update and he was followed by the talented classical singers Eva and Monica Wallace who were a huge success. For our finale, the 15 candidates present were given 2 minutes at the microphone to explain why we should vote for them in the primary election. This total included Senator Wentworth and Speaker Straus. We also allowed 2 representatives of candidates, who could not be with us, to speak. What an exciting day to finish the year.

The outgoing Executive Board and Committee Chairs did an outstanding job in 2011 and a special “thank you” goes to each one of them for making this organization to be as great and successful as it is. By the way, the gifts on every seat were donated by the 2011 Board.

Now it is on to 2012 and you are in for an exciting ride. The Republican Party of Texas will be holding their convention in Fort Worth June 7, 8 and 9 and it is a Presidential Election year. Our local candidates are going to need our help and , as I am certain you have more than likely heard, the primary elections have been moved to April 3. If you want to attend the GOP State Convention, Primary Election Day is where it all starts. You first attend your Precinct Convention which is held at 7:15pm, after the polls close, at the same location where your Precinct votes. This is where grassroots politics begin. From the Precinct Convention you can be elected to attend your Senatorial Convention which will be held either on Saturday April 14 or 21. I do hope you will try to attend these 2 local conventions—you will learn so much about the political process. At the Senatorial Convention delegates to the state convention will be selected. The Precinct Convention can last as little as 30 minutes or up to two hours. The Senatorial Convention usually begins around 9:30AM and lasts until mid or late afternoon. At the State level, the party platform is voted on, the national delegates and the national committeeman and committeewoman.

Inside this newsletter is the list of the Executive Board and Committee chairs. We have some extraordinary talented women serving you for 2012 so read over the list and then contact the chair of committee where you feel we would best be able to use your talents. If there a vacant committee chair and you think it might be something you could do, please call me.

Invite a friend to the luncheon—this is the year we are going to take our country back so we need all the help we can get.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 17th


Freida Wright