President's Messages > February 2012


We have thirty-two new 2012 members as of the 17th of January, plus 5 new associates! That number is so impressive because our Annual Membership Recruitment Reception is not until February 21st. If you don’t know if you have paid your 2012 dues please check your address label on this newsletter. If there is an 11 or nothing, you are not a 2012 member.


We are going to have a wonderful Membership Reception and all of the statewide candidates have been invited to attend. Many of our local candidates and elected officials will be in attendance too. This is the perfect event to invite your friends so they can get to know the candidates on a more personal level. The reception is going to be held in a fabulous mansion on Elmcourt in Terrell Hills; this venue was acquired for us by one of our new members, Linda Rudd and her associate, Lisa Arlette of Legacy Mutual Mortgage. Just viewing this beautiful home will be worth your time attending.


Our January luncheon was once again a huge success and we filled the room. Claver Kamau-Imani spoke to us for the second time and I think I am correct in saying that the majority of those in attendance were impressed with what he had to say. Eighteen candidates had their two minutes at the microphone—quite a few members have told me they really like this because they will have a better idea of which candidate they will support in the primary elections.


I am certain you are all aware that the primary election dates are still undecided due to the redistricting issue. This is the reason you have not received your new voter registration certificate—the one you have expired on December 31, 2011. New cards cannot be issued until all the lines have been drawn. Some people may stay in the same district but I know mine is up in the air. I was in the 23rd Congressional District and under the new plan I was moved in to the 2lst. If you have moved or married during the past 24 months, this is the perfect time to update your information. You can go to www:// change_something.html for instructions or call the Bexar GOP HQ at 210.824.9445. Bexar County Party is always looking for volunteers so if you call them for information and you able to spare a few hours a week volunteering, or when they need extra help, please have your name put on their list. I know you will be greatly appreciated.


Remember to invite a friend to the Membership Recruitment Reception and I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Freida Wright