President's Messages > May 2012

We had to have 10 guests again at each table at the April luncheon. I expect this is going to be the new normal for us until after the November election. One thing I do know for sure is that the management at Oak Hills Country Club were very upset about the large attendance at the March luncheon. We had 25 walk-in attendees! We have been informed it was very difficult on the wait staff plus the kitchen staff had to scurry around to make certain there was enough food. So please make your reservation by noon on the Friday preceding the Tuesday luncheon. Your cooperation will be appreciated. It is unfortunate for us that the club is actually closed on Mondays so there is no way for catering to accept more reservations after Friday. Then we surprise them with even more reservations the morning of the luncheon with the people who have called in late plus we get all the walk-ins.

How much better could it have been having Dr. Held and Chairman Munisteri on the same day. I only wish we could have played the Democrat video of Paul Ryan pushing an elderly lady off the cliff. That is what Dr. Held was responding to with her video of President Obama pushing an elderly lady of the cliff but with a better ending. If you were not at the luncheon it is on the website:

Were you not impressed with Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri? I was. I had not previously heard him speak. I do receive the emails from the Texas GOP and had realized what a super job he is doing and how he had gotten the Texas GOP out of debt. Twenty-one members signed up for the Grassroots Club Steve was promoting and more promised to sign up on the web—see article inside this newsletter.

The day before the luncheon early voting begins and you will already have your new Voter Registration card by then. Be sure to check to see if all the information is correct and to see if you have changed precincts or if you are in a new congressional district. For the county wide races it doesn't make any difference so be certain you have made up your mind which candidate you are voting for locally. Please don't pick a name randomly if there is more than one person in a race. I had two elderly friends tell me when I was visiting them at Easter that in the past, even in the general election, if there was a woman on the ballot they voted for her. I told them please don't do that because there are some bad candidates around, male and female. They have promised to call for advice in the future. Please research the candidates as much as you can—remember some candidates will say anything to get your vote, even untruths.

Make your reservation early for May 15 and invite a friend. Freida Wright