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What a long, busy and hot summer it has been with the Primary Election being delayed until July 3lst and then by the time you receive this the National Convention will be old news! So, now it is on to November 7th and “real change” this time! It is time to put the primaries behind us and move forward to help get all our Republican candidates elected. I know we did not all support the same candidates but that is politics. You win some and you lose some. Now we must be united and get behind all of our candidates from the bottom of the ballot to the top. I am still shocked to read on Facebook at how some Republicans are still being divisive and critical regarding the choices made by the majority of Republicans in the USA and often think to myself “What are they going to do? Vote for Obama?!?”

As many of you are aware our New Member Orientation Brunch on July 21st evolved into a forum with the candidates for the US Senate and the Texas Senate. Alamo City Republican Women members Susan and Aubra Franklin made the lovely Franklin Room at Franklin Park available for us—plus we got to use the reception area downstairs. The Executive Board provided a fabulous lunch and drinks were provided by Franklin Park. When you see Susan or Aubra please thank them for being such good friends of Alamo City Republican Women. I know many of you did not know about this event since we did not publish a newsletter during the summer months.

As you will read inside this newsletter, our new handbooks will be available at the luncheon. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read and understand all the articles in the front section. I am always surprised when members ask me how can they get to be a delegate to a Republican convention or when do they hold Precinct meetings. All the steps are listed in this latest addition plus more educational articles.

A special “thank you” to all the awesome Alamo City Republican Women volunteers who have been working all summer for candidates. Some members are volunteering full time, some weekly and then we have many who are working as called. Phone banking, registering voters, stuffing bags, working at fundraisers—we have done it all! We had fifteen members working at Rep. John Garza’s Back to School Fair!

We are so honored to have Lt. Governor Dewhurst as our guest speaker at our September luncheon. He will be discussing what the priorities are going to be for the Legislative Session which begins in January and also the state of Texas.

This is the perfect time to bring guests to introduce them to Alamo City Republican Women. I am looking forward to seeing you on the 18th.

Freida Wright

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