President's Messages > October 2012


For the first time ever we had to have our registration, name tag, jewelry and wreaths tables in the lobby at Oak Hills Country Club. Lt. Governor Dewhurst was a huge draw and he gave an awesome speech followed by questions from the audience. It really was standing room only and to top things off, we have 16 new members! All of our candidates who attended had their two minutes at the microphone. Overall it was just a wonderful meeting.

I think we will have a full house again in October because we will have our two favorite US Congressmen as guest speakers. How much better than that can we get! Invite your neighbors and friends — it is not often we two US Congressman at our luncheon.

For those of you who attended the luncheon you will recall me inviting everyone to attend a Town Hall meeting that same evening at Pearl Studio regarding Pre- K4SA.Quite a good group from Alamo City Republican Women attended and what a farce it was. It was sponsored by NPR and was more like a commercial for Pre-K4SA. There was only one strong gentleman on the panel who spoke against it and his talking points are inside this newsletter. It appears that this is something our mayor wants on his resume and it was “vote for this on November 6 and then we will tell you how it is going to work later”. Sound familiar? Be sure to pass this information on to your friends and ask them to vote “no” on this issue. It also makes one question why this was put on the November ballot instead of waiting until the city elections in May.

Once again a special “thank you” to all the Alamo City Republican Women members who are volunteering daily for numerous candidates, block walking, phone banking, registering voters, helping at fundraisers, putting out signs and stuffing packets and envelopes. You are awesome and the candidates so appreciate you.

I hope you like the latest version of Alamo City Republican Women’s handbook. Kerry Graham, our graphic artist and publisher, did a fabulous job once again for us. We were very surprised to find all the photographs in the book; he had pulled them from my Facebook page. We also appreciate the members who are Handbook Patrons this year. If you were not at the luncheon in September the books will be available again at the October luncheon. If you cannot attend the luncheons, please have a friend pick up your copy. We do not mail handbooks since they are spiral- bound and quite heavy. They would have to be mailed in a padded envelope.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 16th. Freida Wright