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By the time you receive this newsletter the elections will be over and I hope we all will still be celebrating. Unfortunately, we have to go to press early since we use bulk mail and to guarantee delivery by our reservation deadline, we must get the newsletters to the bulk mail center at Perrin Beitel Post Office by the first of the month.

I do want to say again “thank you” to the thousands of volunteer hours you have all worked this election cycle on behalf of our candidates. Some of you have been working daily, making phone calls, managing campaigns, registering voters, block walking, putting out signs, attending and organizing fundraisers, donating money, holding events in your homes, the list goes on and this is just for our Texas and local candidates! Then there is the group of us that couldn’t join the Mighty Texas Strike Force that travelled to the swing states but we made hundreds of calls to those states for the Romney-Ryan Campaign. I personally thought that people would be tired and annoyed at receiving calls but I found them to be very friendly. Quite a few asked me where I was from and wanted to chat. When I said Texas, they were impressed then I had to lead them back to the questions. I know all of the candidates appreciate what you did, as did the Republican Party. I should add that we have registered a record number of voters this year and we haven’t gotten all our totals in at this time. People are ready for real change!

We were fortunate to have three US Congressmen speak at our October luncheon! Along with our two favorite Congressmen, Lamar Smith and Quico Canseco, we had Congressman Bill Huizenga of Michigan and what a joy he was. We had a full house and Oak Hills Country Club—anticipating a crowd—had opened up both ballrooms for us. I hope some of you got to see the news report of our meeting on Channel 12. I heard the room looked lovely when the camera panned the room and our sign above the stage really stood out. I didn’t see it because I was at a fundraiser. We also had a reporter from The Texas Tribune in Austin doing a report on the Congressional District 23 race.

We have been so busy with the elections that we have neglected our Christmas Wreaths Across America project for the Sam Houston National Cemetery. The flyer is enclosed. They are still only $15.00. If you have the section and grave number of your loved one, please send it along with your check to Pat List. If you do not have the numbers, we can find them for you. You may purchase as many wreaths as you wish and they will be placed on one of the many thousands of graves—I believe the total number of graves is over 100,000 now. Make your check payable to Wreaths Across America if you need it for a tax deduction.

Our favorite political analyst will be our guest speaker this month. Read his bio inside. Be sure to invite a guest for lunch at Oak Hills Country Club on the 20th of November.

Freida Wright