President's Messages > March 2013

A special “thank you” goes to our friends Susan and Aubra Franklin for giving us the opportunity to use their beautiful facility, Franklin Park Sonterra, for our February reception. What about that delicious food? Our members outdid themselves once again. Thank you ladies! Sue Hensley, our new Membership Chair, and her team of volunteers did a fabulous job as did Sara White and her Greeting Committee. Then we had the Hospitality Chairs, Carolyn and Ken McCollister checking all the attendees in, along with April Leidner who was sitting in for our dear Barbara Bearr who is recovering from hip surgery. Jackie Duke and her team were manning the Boutique. Jan Zeppelin, our New Member Liaison, was greeting new members. Sharon Kemp our Treasurer was all over the place. I am sure I will miss thanking someone but I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of you. You are an awesome group!

Our favorite Congressman Lamar Smith was outstanding as he always is. He gave a great report on what is going on in Washington and I think we could have kept him there all afternoon and not run out of questions for him.

Sheriff Pamerleau, our other featured guest, unfortunately had to be in Austin but the good news is, as you can see by the outside of this newsletter, she will be at Oak Hills Country Club this month. We are also very fortunate to have George Rodriguez, of the South Texas Alliance for Progress, as our other speaker.

Our next big event we are working on is the “non-partisan” San Antonio elections on May 11th. Is there any election that is non-partisan nowadays? Of course not. We all know that currently we only have 3 Republicans on City Council out of 10 Districts and we have a Democrat Mayor. Carlton Soules is the Republican representing District 10, Elisa Chan represents District 9 and retiring Reed Williams, District 8. District 8 is on the table and there is only one of the three candidates who has declared he is a Republican and that is Rolando Briones. You really should look into who you want representing you if you live in Dstrict 8. If you subscribe to the Express News by now you already know that you do not believe everything they report on, especially what they say about Briones. They only report on one side of the story.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 19th. Invite a friend. Freida Wright