President's Messages > April 2013

On March 17 our two guest speakers, George Rodriguez and Sheriff Pamerleau, kept our guests on the edge of their seats.  We were very fortunate to have two dynamic speakers and I think all who attended will agree, we got quite an education.

I realize some of you couldn’t understand Jaime Rios.  He was a spur of the moment add-on who wanted to tell his success story from living on the streets as a 14 year old to now owning his own successful paving business.  Seven Alamo City Republican Women members were invited to attend the Fox Townhall meeting on immigration a few days earlier than the luncheon and that is where we met Jaime.   Margaret Cluck got his phone number and invited him to the luncheon.  He came and is one of our newest members and also gave a very generous donation to the club.  Thank you Jaime!

Quite a lot of our members are working furiously across the city helping our conservative candidates for city council.  The list of candidates is inside this newsletter.  Just imagine what would happen if we could get at least five of these candidates elected on May 11th.   We should be able to if we can just get our voters out to the polls.   I know this is supposed to be a non-partisan election but it is not.   It is the Democrats who have politicized the mayoral and council races over the years, probably beginning with Henry Cisneros.     You can make the difference.  Tell your friends who the conservative candidates are and we can slow down this Castro machine!   Many people are not aware that we currently have only 3 Republicans on City Council and 7 Democrats plus an extra-liberal Democrat Mayor.

We must keep District 8 in the Republican column and no matter what the Express News reporters say; Rolando Briones is a conservative Republican.   We should have all learned by now that if the Express News reporters are against a candidate that is the candidate we should vote for. Please be careful voting in the Mayor’s race.  We have quite a few”loonies” who run in every race from the Governor, US Congress to Mayor’s race.  They just love to see their name in print and the sad part they often get quite a lot of votes.  We do have a conservative on the ballot, Jesus Reyes.  Vote for Jesus or leave it blank.

I also want to mention for those members who were not at the March luncheon, we did have another special event take place last week. Our amazing reservations chair, Barbara Bearr celebrated her 87th birthday!  Barbara has been accepting reservations and fielding questions for us for over 20 years.  What a woman—nothing keeps her down!

We are having another exciting luncheon on the 16th.  Invite a friend.  Have your questions ready for the Railroad Commissioner—the oil and gas industry is his forte.