President's Messages > December 2013

Well, we did it again!   We had to have 10 guests per table along the side walls of the ballroom at our November luncheon.  I think Republicans are getting excited again about the upcoming March primary elections and are coming to check all the candidates out.   We also had over 20 walk-in guests.  Please try to make a reservation as early as possible.  We are very fortunate that Oak Hills Country club is able to accommodate us and drum up the extra meals.   The only problem they have is that sometimes they have not brought enough wait staff in that day.

Unfortunately one of our guest speakers, Joe Poole, was not able to be with us but he did email me a very nice letter explaining that he had withdrawn from the Railroad Commission race and I read it to the membership.    Senator Glenn Hegar gave an outstanding speech as to why we should vote for him for State Comptroller to replace Susan Combs.  Susan is retiring Jan 1, 2015.   As usual we let all the candidates present speak for 2 minutes, and also the candidates’ representatives speak for 2 minutes.  We are going to have some tough choices to make with so many candidates vying for the same seats.

November 19th was the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address. Longtime member Lee Bonin brought along a copy and Jefferson Moore, one of our judicial candidates read it to us.   Thank you Lee and Jefferson.

There are so many fundraisers taking place and I know you cannot support them all financially so why don’t you offer to volunteer for one of your favorite candidates.   We had  5 members  and 1 husband on the 20th stuffing, sealing and stamping  envelopes for one of our statewide candidates.  Volunteering is a good way to get to know other members too.

Our Christmas luncheon is always fun and we will have a wonderful program for you including musical entertainment again so please be sure to bring a prospective member.   We should be inviting all of our conservative-leaning friends into the Republican party by bringing them to the club and getting their feet wet.  We need everyone to be involved to help us fight against the D’s Battle Ground Texas goal of making Texas blue.  Our friends don’t have to agree with the Republican Party 100% and we shouldn’t expect everyone to walk lockstep and agree on every issue but we really do need them.  I hope to see you on the 17th.