President's Messages > November 2013

What a busy month we had starting with our luncheon on the October15th and then that evening at 4PM going right in to the convention mode which continued on for many of us, until the Saturday afternoon.   It is still going on for me.  I was a Co-Chair and Finance Chair for the Convention and I am still collecting money and writing thank you notes to all the donors.   I am sure you must have read about the convention in the newspaper or heard about it on the TV news—lots of good publicity for Republicans and our own Publicity Chair, Carol Ann Baker got interviewed for the Express News.

There are so many people to thank.  Sharon Kemp our Treasurer was Registration Chair for the convention and the teams of volunteers working daily. Many volunteers worked on other committees. Patty Gibbons was Entertainment Chair and what a joy it was to have the group female mariachis she booked playing at our opening night Welcome Fiesta party.  Eve Wallace, a classical soprano, who sang with her sister at our Christmas party 2 years ago and is a member of Alamo City Republican Women, sang “America The Beautiful” on Friday morning.  What an amazing voice she has and I get to hear her practice daily since she happens to be living with me until she gets married in February!

We had streams of candidates and elected officials speak with us and we are all going to have some difficult choices to make next March when the Primary Elections come around. There are so many good people running for the same office.   We are trying to showcase as many of the statewide candidates before the election that we can possibly fit in.  I believe in March we have three guest speakers!  Many have other commitments so those we cannot fit in will all be invited to attend our Membership Reception always held in February.

We are going to have the same problem with our local candidates. In many races we have two and sometimes three good people vying for the same office.   You will hear many of them at our luncheons so by the time the primary election comes around you will have had time to make a decision on which one you would like to serve.

Please attempt to bring a friend to the meetings.  We know the politicians but many people do not and we don’t want them taking advice from the Express News next March.  You would be surprised at how many people do.  I work as an Election judge and many people come in with the newspaper’s recommendations in hand.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 19th.