President's Messages > May 2013

Well, we did it again!   What an awesome luncheon meeting we held in April—full house too. We had two fantastic speakers and we will have two more great speakers at the May luncheon before we close down for the summer.   When I say, “close down” it just means we will not be having luncheons at Oak Hills Country Club until September but we will have our annual midsummer new member orientation luncheon and other events.   You will be notified of our summer events as they come up.  There will also be numerous fundraisers for candidates as they prepare for the 2014 primary elections, so keep your eyes open if you wish to support your special candidate.


A group of us attended Legislative Day in Austin on April 18 and had a great time. The six patrons who went to Legislative Day also attended the tea at the Governor’s mansion.    Governor and Mrs. Perry were not there to greet us. Mrs. Perry’s father had died the previous day and the Governor was involved in the West catastrophe.   We are pleased to report the mansion looks just the same but the grounds have changed—much larger fence!

I want to thank all the Alamo City Republican members who volunteered for our San Antonio city council candidates.    We must get involved in all these supposedly “non-partisan” races to train up future candidates for higher offices.  We need to get involved in school board races too.  One local Republican woman who was supporting one  “progressive Democrat” candidate sent out an email saying the Texas Federation of Republican Women frowned on us for getting involved in ‘non-partisan” races.  If you were one of those recipients please ignore the email.

We have a quite a few 2012 members who have not renewed their 2013 membership dues.   If you know any of them please encourage them to stay involved.  Many people do not understand we are preparing for the 2014 elections right now.   The Democrat Battleground Texas 2014 began right here in San Antonio a couple of months ago so we must counteract their plan with our own.  Obama’s point man Jeremy Bird was at the St. Anthony Hotel along with the Castro brothers to kick off their campaign.  Please share this information with your friends.

Invite a friend to the May 21 luncheon.