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Isn’t Mrs. Abbott delightful?   I know you all enjoyed hearing her journey beginning with when she met Greg in college up until now, when he is poised to be the next Governor of Texas.  So many people didn’t know that Greg was even in a wheelchair until last year when he made his announcement that he was running for Governor at La Villita. It is marvelous that he has led such a normal life in spite of his accident and he has never played on the fact that he is a paraplegic. One of our members, an author and interior designer, had planned on presenting Mrs. Abbott with one of her books titled “Christmas at Historic Houses”. It was so sad to hear that Pat’s daughter had died early that morning of a heart attack but she still dropped by and gave me the book plus another book she had co-authored as a door prize.   Thank you Pat, you are a gem and we send our condolences.

My goodness our second speaker really brought the media out!  Jason  Villalba is a very well spoken and charismatic young legislator.  He presented his message clearly so we could all understand why he was there.   As those of you who still subscribe to the Express News know two reporters mentioned Alamo City Republican Women in two different articles in the days following the luncheon.  There was also a very long article in the Austin Statesman regarding Jason’s visit with us.  The description of Alamo City Republican Women members in the Statesman I wasn’t too happy about but in the long run it was positive article and gave us some good publicity. Jason was also interviewed on the radio at Oak Hills CC.

We have another exciting meeting planned for you on the 15th April.  Rafael Bejar of The Libre Initiative will be explaining who they are and why they have come to San Antonio.  Toni Anne Dashiell, the Texas Republican National Committeewoman, is our special guest speaker.   Her message title is “Let’s work together and keep Texas Red”.    Many of you know Toni Anne from when she was so involved with the Texas Federation of Republican Women as President after serving in other positions on the board.  We are so fortunate that she is available to speak to us on the 15th and not only that, she is a neighbor.  She lives in Boerne!

March was a very busy month.  First came the elections with many of us working on Election Day as Judges, Clerks or volunteering at the polls for candidates.  Numerous members serving on various committees for the Senatorial Conventions followed this.  Thank you for working so hard and being involved in the process.   But it hasn’t ended yet!  We have the City, School Bonds and Board elections on May the 10th and the Primary run-off on May 27th.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 15th and remember to invite a friend.