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Oh how I dislike having to write this message before we know the results of the elections on November 4th.   You have all worked so hard for our candidates, phone banking, block walking, putting out signs, passing out literature at the early voting polls, volunteering at the GOP Satellite Sign Center and attending rallies.   You are all fantastic and I am so proud of all of you.    I know on Election Day we will have people working as Judges and Clerks all over the city as well as volunteers handing out literature at the polls or as poll watchers. What a nasty campaign it has been. With an attorney from  Corpus Christi spending over $1.2 million on the Democrat for DA race.  What is going on in this County?  Sounds like Chicago politics to me!

Was that not an awesome meeting in October? Dr. Armstrong was so commanding and gave us such excellent information as to what is going on nationally.   What a great representative we have on the National Republican Committee.  Actually we have two great Representatives—Toni Anne Dashiell who spoke to us earlier this year is from Boerne  and is our Committeewoman for Texas.

Well what can I say about George P Bush—he is our rock star!   Unfortunately he was not feeling well that day but he carried on, smiling, speaking to everyone and staying for unlimited photo ops.   What a trouper!  The Sunday following his visit to us there was a filmed interview on ABC Sunday. It started out in College Station and then went on to his bus tour in South Texas.  Lo and behold many of the background video shots were from our luncheon.  They would flash by so quickly I had to watch it 3 or 4 times to really see people I recognized.

October has been a busy month.  First the AG Abbott was at Casa Rio downtown along with Chuck Norris, and then we had Mrs. Abbott at GOP HQ on the 28th followed by a rally with Senator Cornyn and AG Abbott on the 29th at The Alamo Café. The final rally was huge.

Once again, we will have our favorite analyst at the luncheon, Dr. David Crockett. If you haven’t heard him you are in for a treat.  I noticed that the media is now going to him for his opinion on political races.   I forget how many years he has been coming to speak to us after the November elections.  I do know that Dr. Doug Harlan recommended him. I had asked Dr. Harlan to come but he was so ill and was dying and he said ‘I have a brilliant young man at Trinity and he is a staunch Republican—you will enjoy him” and we have.

We are currently collecting dues for 2015. You may mail them in or bring them to the luncheon.