President's Messages > February 2018

For those of you who were unable to attend the January meeting, you missed another great one!  The Texas Comptroller was a big hit with everyone and did an outstanding job of explaining that he is not only our tax collector, he also pays all the bills. Another important thing he did mention was all the unclaimed money he is holding for Texans.  It could be from interest on closed bank accounts, security deposits on apartments or utility deposits, stocks, jewels and cash from bank deposit boxes, final paychecks, etc.   He said his office has returned over 2 billion dollars to Texans over the years and I believe I am correct in saying that there is 79 million dollars just sitting there waiting to be claimed by San Antonio residents!  Go to to see if your name or a family member is listed.   Comptroller Hegar is a joy to be around and is always so happy and positive.

We also got to hear from our candidate for District Attorney Tyndal Schaeffer plus all the candidates who had not spoken to us in December.  There are so many candidates in the primary election that if we had let all those attending speak for 2 minutes we would have been there past 1.30PM.

We really appreciate all of our Circle of Champion members.  Twenty-seven members have already signed or re-signed up to be 2018 Champions.    If you are new we do this instead of asking you to attend fundraisers.  There are different levels starting as low as $50.00 annually. Your name will be listed as a Champion on the website, in the newsletter, on the Champion board at the luncheons, in the 2018/2019 Handbook plus you will be invited to a Christmas brunch early in December.

We are in the process of filling our 2018 Committees check inside to see if there is a place for you to serve.  Some take just a couple of hours a month, others maybe a few hours a year.

Freida Wright