President's Messages > March 2006

Congratulations Alamo City Republican Women--you did it again! We held another successful membership recruitment reception at Marilyn and Day McNeel's home despite the awful weather. We did have to go to plan B and hold the whole event inside, but everything went so smoothly, just as if we had planned it that way. Marilyn said the most guests she and Day had ever had in their home at one time was around l00; but we broke that record! We had over 200 people show up to hear Senator Cornyn give an excellent speech. It makes one feel so proud to know that we have such a great Texan representing us in the U. S. Senate. We had eighteen elected officials to stop by, including Congressman Henry Bonilla, Senator Jeff Wentworth and Representative Joe Straus. Both Senator Cornyn and Congressman Bonilla stayed after the program to eat, meet and greet the guests plus provide numerous photo ops. What an exciting day for all!

Are not the McNeels an awesome couple? This was the sixth year they have opened their lovely home to Alamo Çity Republican Women for this event. They are so generous and accommodating to put up with our going in and taking over their entire ground floor--and usually their grounds too.

I am sure many of you do not realize what a great effort it takes to put on a successful event like this. I must mention a few of our team by name: First, we have our cheerful and faithful Reservations Chair, Barbara Bearr, who is always available to take reservations and to give out infomation to callers. Then there are Carolyn and Ken McCollister, our Hospitality Chairs, who were in charge of all the details and lists for their registration team plus collecting the money the day of the event. For four weeks ACRW Treasurer, Sharon Kemp, was "in the counting house counting all the money" and passing the information along to Ken as to who paid to attend and who had not. Karen Tedder, Roster Chair, and our master list keeper, kept everyone straight as to who was current with their dues and who was not. Sara White and her Greeting Committee were out in force to make sure everyone attending felt wecome. Margie Beitzel, Membership Chair, had her able assistant Dottie Merril in charge of nametags so that Margie could oversee the punch servers, the food runners (our three home-school volunteers) and the kitchen help. Our veteran Food Distribution Manager, Don Tedder, did an excellent job ensuring that the food tables were always full. Last, but not least, are all the members who provided the wonderful food.

I wish to thank all of our members for their loyalty and enthusiasm in making Alamo City Republican Women one of the largest and most successful clubs in Texas. You are the greatest!

Freida Wright