President's Messages > April 2006

I have received many calls complimenting Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA. It is very exciting to see these bright young men so involved. The information and statistics he gave us were very enlightening. If you are not receiving his information, please visit the website at www.GOPUSA and sign up. You will learn a lot.

I'll bet you are wondering what a letter from the Democrat state party chair is doing in our newsletter. I did read this letter from the podium at our March luncheon. He wrote a very similar letter two years ago to all the Democrat precinct chairs in Texas; we printed that one too. I want you to see just why there is all this negativity spewing from the Texas Democrat Party--it is their state chairman who is encouraging all of the precinct chairs to spread this information. He probably gets it from the DNC! I am sure that most of our personal Democrat friends do not know about this--they just go and vote on election day as do many of our uninvolved Republican friends. For the record, Tina Benkiser, the Republican State Chair, wrote a very brief, positive and upbeat letter to all of the Republican precinct chairs. What a contrast!

As many of you already know, Alamo City Republican Women member Valerie Corte is being sworn in on April l7th as State Representative of District l22 for the special session called by Governor Perry. Valerie's husband, Frank, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel, is serving in Iraq, so she will be filling in for him. A group of Alamo City Republican Women will be traveling to Austin that day in a show of support for Valerie.

The senatorial conventions are over, and now it's on to the state convention. I do hope that if you are not a delegate, you will consider being a registration volunteer. It really is fun and you will have a great time. The volunteer form is included again in this newsletter.

On Friday, June 2, (the first day of the convention) the Texas Federation of Republican Women will hold a "Tribute to Women" brunch from 9:00AM to l0:30AM. If you would like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible so that we will know how many tables to reserve. The cost to attend is $40 per person. Husbands are welcome. Many statewide elected officials will address us.

We have a busy and exciting year ahead of us!

Freida Wright