President's Messages > May 2006

We were a little concerned that we might not have a speaker in April when the Governor called a special session beginning on the l7th, the day before our luncheon. Needless to say, Senator Wentworth was able to attend; he gave a great talk as was expected. We learned a lot about what is going on in Austin. The Senator gave us excellent explanations and answers to questions posed by the audience regarding the budget surplus, toll roads, etc. If you were unable to attend, you missed another great meeting. He is our voice in the Texas Senate; so if you have any questions or complaints, please call his office at 826-7800.

Some of our members traveled to Austin on April l7th to support Valerie Corte who was sworn in as State Representative for District l22. What an exciting day it was for the Corte and Ryder families! Valerie appeared very confident, and we know she will serve the district well until Frank returns from Iraq. Valerie and Frank are long-time members of Alamo City Republican Women. Valerie's mother, Mary Ryder, is a member too as is Rose Corte, Frank's mother.

Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst is again sponsoring membership recruitment contests for Federated Texas Republican Women's clubs. We have a much better chance to win some cash this year now that the clubs have been divided into five categories. Jumbo and super jumbo club categories have been added. We are in the super jumbo group so we only have to compete with the eleven other clubs. Last year there were only three categories, and it was difficult for the larger clubs to compete with clubs that only had 75 members when doing percentage increases.

Our goal is to be number one in Texas. There were some years that we had been number one all year until the final month when we would drop back to number two after another large club suddenly federated many new members. The Texas Federation Republican Women's membership theme this year is "each one, reach one." Many of our members have already recruited a new member for 2006--have you? Someone may just be waiting for you to invite him or her to become a member.

It is going to be another great meeting in May; you will not want to miss this one! Remember to invite a friend.

Freida Wright