President's Messages > June/July, 2006

So much has taken place since you have received our last newletter, so first I will report on our May luncheon meeting.

Colonel Jim Ficke, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Brook Army Medical Center, was our guest speaker. His wife, Roberta, who specializes in geriatrics at BAMC, accompanied him. His PowerPoint presentation, taken during his recent tour of duty in Iraq, brought tears to many attendees' eyes, even his wife's who I am sure, has seen the presentation many times. Colonel Ficke stayed and answered many questions from the audience regarding Iraq despite the fact that he was on his lunch hour between clinic appointments.

As many of you are aware, my main focus for the past few months has been on the Republican State Convention, recruiting and scheduling volunteers for delegate registration. I am proud to announce that you, Alamo City Republican Women, your spouses, your children and your grandchildren filled 214 of the 370 shifts. I had a total of only seven, yes seven, volunteers from the five other Republican clubs in the area. Alamo City Republican Women--you are really awesome! Many of you worked such long hours each day. I am also so proud of the college and high school students who volunteered. One student drove in from San Marcos every day for three days, and when I had to be at the Convention Center at 6AM on Saturday morning, she arrived at the same time! I am still receiving compliments from Austin and from around the state as to how professional you all are and how everything went so smoothly. The San Jacinto group, the company who stages the convention, e-mailed me yesterday and again thanked us and said we had the most difficult of all the volunteer jobs. I know one thing for sure: when it comes to providing volunteers, Alamo City Republican Women always comes through.

We are still recruiting new members, so when you are out and about this summer, remember to invite people to join Alamo City Republican Women. If you do not have a membership application, you may refer them to our website, The Texas Federation of Republican Women's membership recruitment theme this year is "Each One Reach One." Will you reach one and bring one?

Freida Wright