President's Messages > November 2006

By the time you read this newsletter the elections will be over, and we will be celebrating with our winners and questioning what more we could have done to help our losing candidates. Many of you worked hundreds of hours for our candidates and for the party plus donating your money. You are so appreciated by all the candidates, even if it was only putting a few signs in your yards.

Our October luncheon with both the First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry, and with Susan Howard was fabulous. Mrs. Perry was delightful, and Susan Howard was wonderful. Senator Wentworth and many of the other candidates also addressed us. I received many e-mails and telephone calls before I returned home that day congratulating us on the event. Some people told me that the luncheon was the largest Republican event in San Antonio this year with the exception of the State Convention events in early June. I know it is the largest event I have ever attended that was put on by ACRW, or any of the local clubs, since I have been involved in political activities.

There are so many people I wish to thank. I know many of the guests were impressed with Sara White, Greeting Committee Chair, along with her assistant Betty Puckett and all of the greeters--I believe there were 12-15 in all. Then there were the Reservation and Hospitality Committee chairs, Barbara Bearr and Carolyn McCollister aided by Ken McCollister who did an outstanding job sorting all those reservations, listing non-paid and paid attendees. Sharon Kemp was busy keeping track of all those checks that came in the mail. Many more members were involved in some manner; you are all so appreciated. Alamo City Reublican Women is an awesome group and I am so proud of you!

There were so many great events during the month of October. One in particular was Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's luncheon, featuring Ed Smart at the River Center Marriott on October 9th. Now she doesn't want me to say this but I am going to: Long-time ACRW member, Barbara Galland, could not attend the luncheon, so she sponsored the President of the UTSA College Republicans, Katy Vidales and another member, Alia Al-Emoush. They were so thrilled to attend and were quite impressed. Thanks, Barb.

We have not reached our goal yet for our collection for the Center for the Intrepid. Patsy Lee will be accepting donations up to December 12th. If you are not going to be able to attend the next two luncheons, please mail her your donations or you may add that amount to your 2007 dues. Be sure to state that it also includes your donation.

Our dear friend Dr. Doug Harlan, who usually analyzes the election results for us, will be unable to do so this year. However, he has highly recommended this month's speaker, Dr. David Crockett, who graciously accepted our invitation to do so. Please read his biography inside this newsletter--it is very impressive.

We are planning to have another great luncheon this month.

Freida Wright