President's Messages > December 2006

I know we were all devastated at the results of the November elections. However, Dr. David Crockett, our political analyst for the November meeting, reported it was not as bad nationally as the media made it out to be. There was no landslide! Many of the races were very close and could have gone either way. The results are quite the norm for a lame-duck presidency, and he gave us many statistics to prove his point. I know a few guests were a little disappointed that Dr. Crockett did not analyze the local elections. His expertise is the presidency and national elections--that is what he teaches at Trinity University. What a brilliant young man he is; we so appreciate Dr. Doug Harlan for recommending him!

We all know what the problem is regarding what happened at the local level and we cannot sit back and let things go further downhill and lose more of our local officials and candidates. While on the subject of local elections, I just want to thank all of the Alamo Çity Republican Women members and their spouses who participated in some way. I am just amazed at how many of you worked as clerks, judges, volunteers for candidates and phone banks. I really should not say "amazed" when I know how Alamo City Republican Women always provides the volunteers when asked.

Our Christmas luncheon is going to be great. We are fortunate to have as our speaker City Councilman Kevin Wolff from District 9. Although Kevin represents Disgtrict 9, he is the "lone" Republican voice on the council and he works for all the people of San Antonio. I know he will impress you. We will also have Çhristmas music from 10:30AM to 11:30AM presented by the velvet-voiced jazz singer, Loretta Cormier. Our Texas Federation of Republican Women Deputy President, Imelda Torres, will perform the installation of the 2007 Executive Board. We will also have numerous free door prizes. Please note that the email reservations address has been changed. It is now: We had been getting way too much spam at the old address, so we have closed it down temporarily.

I am hoping that you will receive this newsletter before Election Day, December l2th. It is vital that you call all of your friends who live in the 23rd District and ask them to vote for Congressman Bonilla. They can still vote this time even if they voted for someone else on November 7th or did not vote at all. If you want to see how Rodriguez voted while he was in Congress, please go to the website listed below. It will make you want to rush over to Victory HQ to volunteer. Victory HQ is still open in the Frost Building, 2nd floor, at the corner of Blanco and Loop 410. You can also find Congressman Henry Bonilla's voting record on the same website--just replace Ciro_Rodriguez with Henry_Bonilla. http:/

I am looking forward to seeing all of you on December l2th.

Freida Wright