President's Messages > February 07

Our speaker for the January luncheon was Dr. Dean Odmark. The title of his speech was "Today is the Day" with which I totally agree. Today is the day we must move forward and not look back. We must, of course, learn from our past mistakes, but we must not dwell on them.

Are you ready to take back the 23rd Congressional District and the judgeships we lost? Well, today is the day we must start building our local party--we cannot afford to wait until 2008. We can begin with the city council and can build upward from there to make certain we get good Republican candidates elected in May. Yes, I know you will hear that city council races are non-partisan; that was really impressed upon us during the last mayoral election. But let's make it a partisan election since we are a partisan group. We all know that there is only one Republican sitting on the council, Kevin Wolff of District 9, and he is doing an excellent job representing all the citizens of San Antonio. Do your friends know that there is only one Republican on city council? It is our obligation to inform all of our friends and neighbors of this fact because many do not know this. Let's make sure people who believe in the Republican philosophy represent some of the other districts. Districts 7, 8 and l0 should have a Republican councilman or councilwoman. Are you ready to get involved? It all begins with the grassroots, and that is what we are.

We are delighted to have Elizabeth Ames Jones, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, as our guest of honor at our Membership Recruitment Reception on February 20th. Susan Reed, Bexar County Criminal District Attorney, will have the honor of introducing her. As noted in Alamo City Republican Women's handbook, the Railroad Commission has nothing to do with railroads but does regulate the oil and gas industry in Texas, among many other things. Elizabeth holds a pretty powerful position. Both she and her mother have been members of Alamo Ciy Republican Women for many years.

Please read all the information inside this newsletter regarding the reception. The board has chosen to include valet parking for our members and guests this year. Many members have told us they didn't like walking to the McNeel's home after having to park so far away, especially in inclement weather, so we are hoping this will solve the problem.

Be sure to read the article inside this newsletter about the Center for the Intrepid by Shirley Cooper, the Texas Federation of Republican Women's Caring for America chair.

I hope to see you on the 20th. You are in for a special treat, so be sure to bring a friend.

Freida Wright