President's Messages > May 2007

Despite the rainy morning, we had a great turnout to hear County Commissioner Lyle Larson address us at our April luncheon. We learned so much. He brought charts to help explain the results of the 2006 elections and the losses we suffered. He stated that is is vital that we take back the 23rd Congressional District from Ciro Rodriguez as well as to regain some of the judicial seats we lost. The point was made that we must elect some Republicans to serve on the city council, not only to support the lone Republican already serving there, but because it is great exposure for Republicans. It is a great way to nurture candidates as they move up the policical ladder; this is how the Democrats do it.

The Commissioner said if Texas is going to hold its primaries in February--a month earlier than usual--this will make Texas a big player in selecting the presidential nominees, and all the candidates will be coming through here. I wish I could recall all that he spoke about. I know the members in attendance were very impressed with all the infomation he disseminated, and we were sorry he had to leave early--there were many more questions to be asked.

Two Republican council candidates addressed us: Shirley Cooper introduced John Clamp, candidate for District 10, and Comissioner Nelson Balido introduced Jacob Dell, candidate for District 8. Two Republican candidates for mayor also spoke to us, Patrick McCurdy and Julie Oldham.

PLEASE VOTE FOR PROPOSITION #1 on the ballot. It is a little confusing, but this should correct an oversight. All property owners received a reduction in their school taxes with the exception of those who are over 65 years of age and the disabled. Please tell all your friends and neighbors about this; also, remind them just who the Republican candidates on the ballot are.

We are very fortunate to have Ken Allard our speaker for May 22nd. His biography is in this newsletter. Please note that the day of the luncheon has been changed to the fourth Tuesday because of another event at Oak Hills Country Club on the third Tuesday. Invite your friends and husbands to attend this luncheon.

For new members: We do not hold regular luncheons during the summer at Oak Hills Country Club. However, you will receive the monthly newsletter and be notified of our special events throughout the summer. Our next big event is at Retama Park on June 9th and it will be a fun night even if you do not gamble. Dinner is served in the trackside air-conditioned pavilion right at the finish line with an outside private area. I am looking forward to seeing you on tMay 22nd. Freida