President's Messages > June 2007

In the years that I have been president, I have never known the audience to be so quiet and attentive as they were at the May luncheon when Col. Ken Allard addressed our members. We usually have some murmurings in the background and I get complaints that this is very distracting, but not this time--it was almost total silence. What a great speaker! He certainly gave us plenty of food for thought. A few members reported that they hadn't had to think so hard and absorb so much knowledge since their college years. What great questions, too, from the audience. It was so appropriate to have Col. Allard as our speaker since May is military month. Col. Allard's book, "Warheads: Cable News And The Fog of War," is available on

We were pleased to have Mary and Max Talley attend. Many of you will recall the article in last August's newsletter reporting that their son is the doctor from Austin who volunteered to join the regular U. S. Army at age 58 last year so he could go to Iraq to serve his country and fellow man.

Congratulations to John Clamp, the new City Councilman for District 10. Of course we were very disappointed that Jacob Dell did not make the run-off in District 8, but he is not giving ujp and may run again in two years. A special "thank you" goes to all the members who made phone calls and put out signs for him. I had someone to call me today who said if only she had known he was a Republican she would have voted for him, and had her friends do the same thing. We must get the word out that he is a Republican if he runs again in two years. There is a letter inside this newsletter from Jacob.

A special "thank you" goes to all the members who have generously sponsored our wounded warriors and their wives to attend our Retama event. After the e-mail went out, I received many enquiries and offers of sponsorship. Councilman Kevin Wolf e-mailed me immediately to say he would sponsor ten soldiers. You are all so wonderful and so kind.

We wish to welcome Mirand Zepeda, the new Central Texas Regional Director for the Republican Party of Texas. Mirand attended the May luncheon, so I hope you got to meet her. Damaris Barton is no longer with the Republican Party of Texas; she is working with her father, David Barton, at WallBuilders. We will miss Damaris. She was a joy to know and to work with.

We will not hold regular luncheons at Oak Hills Country Club during the summer; however, we will be holding special events and will keep you informed of dates. Please remember our membership recruitment is ongoing, so if you have a friend who is interested, please refer them to our website for an application form.

Freida Wright