President's Messages > July/August 2007

I apologize for being so late reporting on our Retama Classic Fundraiser held in early June. It really was one of the best and definitely rewarding events we have ever put on, and I only wish more of you could have attended. Until we received a call that the bus and van for the handicapped had arrived at the gate, we had no idea how many wounded soldiers would be attending. They came in wheelchairs, on crutches, with canes, some with no legs and some severely burned along with their babies, children, wives, mothers and fathers. What an exciting evening it was for all of them and for us too! The soldiers said it was the best event they had been invited to attend. We have been told that they liked us because we just accepted them as normal people and didn't make a big fuss over their injuries nor called them wounded warriors or heroes.

The generosity of our membership is overwhelming. Listed inside is the list of "soldier sponsers." That evening, our members were so generous in paying for the soldiers' and their children's drinks, since only tea, coffee or water were included with the meals, and many wanted something different, especially the children. We all had a fabulous evening, and we will definitely invite the troops again next year. A big "thank you" goes to Jackiie Duke and her committee members who did such an awesome job organizing the whole event.

The 2008 election cycle has already started, as I am sure you all know! Many of our local candidates are going to need your help, time and/or money, so it is time to align yourself with your favorite candidate or volunteer for as many candidates as you can. Another option is to commit to volunteering at party headquarters for a few hours a week.

Please remember membership recruitment is ongoing. Those of you who have brought in new members this year are really appreciated. Our next meeting is not until September l8th so mark your calendars to remind yourself to bring a guest.


Freida Wright