President's Messages > September 2007

We are so fortunate to have Justice Phil Johnson, who sits on the Texas Supreme Court, as our guest speaker this month. Many of you have already met him and his lovely wife, Carla, at different events. In July, he was at the "Stars Over Texas" fundraiser, and he also attended one of our "Meet The Judges" events that we co-hosted with South Texas Republicans a couple of years ago. This is the perfect meeting to invite your guests!

Are you ready to get back into the political mode after our "wet" summer? It is so different, especially with the candidates (at all levels) starting their campaigns much earlier than usual. Then, when you listen to the mainstream media, you get the impression that we might as well give up and wait for 2010 or 20l2! Needless to say, it is going to be a very interesting season, so pick your favorite candidates and support them in the primaries. If he or she is not the winner, please get on board with the party's choice--there will be so many ways you can help.

I am publishing the following statistics from the Sunday, August l9th's Express-News--just in case some of you missed it. This came from page 80 of the San Antonio and South Texas Guide; it is listed under Government:

San Antonio City Council 2 of 11 seats are held by Republicans
Bexar County Officers 4 of 14 seats are held by Republicans
Bexar County State Senators 1 of 3 seats are held by Republicans
Bexar County State Representatives 2 of 10 seats are held by Republicans
South Texas State Senators 1 of 4 seats are held by Republicans
South Texas State Representatives 4 of 18 seats are held by Republicans

This is quite shocking, and it makes one realize what a long and hard road we have ahead of us.

Have you marked your calendar for November 9th through 11th to attend the Texas Federation of Republican Women's Convention in El Paso? You will not want top miss this, especially if you are now just getting your feet wet in politics. You will learn so much at the seminars and also get to meet many of the statewide candidates and elected officials on a more personal level. Please contact me if you are interested in being a delegate.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 18th.

Freida Wright