President's Messages > October 2007

We had a lovely surprise at our September luncheon! After Judge Johnson finished his speech, Carla, his wife, serenaded us. She sang an old WWII song, "My America." We learned so much on that day. The Judge gave us quite an education on the Texas court system and how the Texas Supreme Court hears cases. We really appreciate Lilly and Company of Austin for booking the Justice to be our speaker.

Our Republican candidate for sheriff, Chris Milam, also addressed us for a few minutes. Chris is looking for members to sign on to volunteer for his campaign. Chris has a solid resume and will make a great sheriff. He is currently an investigator for the Texas Attorney General.

A special "thank you" should go to our members who attended the Bexar County Republican Party Fundraiser Barbecue at Aggie Park. An extra special "thank you and apology" should be extended to the members who made a special effort to show up to volunteer, only to be told they were not needed. I know of one member who rushed back from Houston early in order to volunteer. We now need volunteers again for the Bexar County Republican Party petition-signing event at Aggie Park on October 23rd. Unforfunately, it is to be held on the same day as our luncheon; however, you may sign up to volunteer for a shift in the afternoon--or one in the evening, because the event lasts until 8:00 PM. We have kitchen duty, so we will be doing the same as we did two years ago--accepting food and making sure the trays and plates are being kept filled. I know many of our volunteers really enjoyed doing this two years ago. Please call me if you wish to sign up. Although the county party is asking for club members to bring food, you do not have to do so unless you really want to or still have last year's Christmas cookies in your freezer that you want to get rid of! Sharon Kemp has volunteered to purchase the food from Sam's Club and will deliver it to Aggie Park on her way to the luncheon.

If you cannot volunteer, please be sure to stop by Aggie Park sometime during the day and sign all of the candidates' petitions. This really saves them a lot of money.

There are so many fundraisers for candidates taking place right now in San Antonio. I realize that it gets expensive to support all of them, so just pick your favorites and stick with them, or just volunteer to work on their campaigns.

I saw quite a few of our members at the sold-out event for talk show host Laura Ingraham on the first of October, held at The Palladium Theatre in The Rim. Laura is on her national "Power to The People" tour, and I certainly recommend that you purchase her book of the same title. If you don't know Laura, you probably don't watch the O'Reilly Factor or the Hannity and Colmes' shows on Fox TV! She is a frequent guest on both shows, plus, she has her own morning talk show on KLUP radio.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd.

Freida Wright