President's Messages > November 2007

Our October luncheon was outstanding. Even with so many members away or ill, we still had a full house. General Ezell Ware made a huge impression upon the attendees, and our members are still commenting on his speech, and even more so on his response to our questions. He made many observations on subjects that only he could do, e.g., he commented that Bill Cosby does not go far enough on his charges to black families. My only regret is that he did not bring some of his books to sell. He did say that he would drive back down and sign books if enough people wanted him to do so at our December luncheon. Four lucky members did receive his book as a door prize.

I have exciting news to report: Lt. Governor David Dewhurst has chosen to honor Alamo City Republican Women by attending our Christmas luncheon. Republican Women's clubs from Bexar County and surrounding areas will again be invited to join us for this special event as they were when the First Lady of Texas visited us last year. We will have another memorable Christmas luncheon with live music by Loretta Cormier along with Barry Brake on the piano. We will have oodles of free door prizes; so be sure to invite a guest.

We have already sold some ads for our 2008 handbook, and we need the help of all of our members to sell more, so please take your handbook with you wherever you do business. Many members were reluctant to approach potential customers previously because they had nothing to show them, but this time it should be much easier. If you do not have a handbook, we still have a few left and they will be available at the luncheons. The handbook's advertisements should be our largest fundraiser for 2008, and all profits will go to our local candidates. Just remember: you cannot accept corporate checks. We can accept corporate ads like we did last time as long as they are paid for by personal checks. A 4.625-inches wide and 7.75-inches high page is $200.00 and a 4.625-inches wide and 3.75-inches high page is $l00.00. The ads must be created in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Quarkexpress and mailed in a .pdf or .eps file to If a potential client does not have an ad, Kerry will design one for them at a very reasonable price as he did in our current handbook.

By the time you receive this newsletter the elections will be over, so I want to thank all the members who worked as judges and election clerks. I am amazed at how many of our members who care enough to get involved in the election process. I look forward to seeing you at our November luncheon.

Freida Wright