President's Messages > December 2007

We should all have a better perspective on the situation in Iraq to share with our friends and neighbors after listening to State Representative Frank  Corte and viewing the video he brought along.  I wish we had had more time to view all of his videos.  We wish to thank Frank for an enlightening presentation.

I know that many of you are being bombarded with requests for money according to the emails I am receiving from you.  All I can say is just pick the candidate or candidates you wish to support and don't feel guilty about disregarding the rest of the requests, especially if they are from a  Democrat!  One of our members called and said she had received a solicitation from Nancy Pelosi for $2,000.00.  Ugh!

I will repeat for those of you who were not at the November luncheon what I told them of meeting President Bush.  On November 8th I had the honor of being one of six greeters located at the bottom of the steps of Air Force One to greet President Bush on his arrival to San Antonio as he stepped off the plane.  I had met the President twice previously but nothing compared to this.  I think it was Air Force One that made it so special.  When the plane landed and pulled up right in front of us and I saw those words, "United States of America," it was so emotional.  All I could think of was that I had seen this picture a hundred times on television and this could not be happening to me.  But here I am welcoming the President of the United States to San Antonio.  What an exciting day it was for all of us!

Thank you so much for putting your trust in me for another year as President of Alamo City Republican Women.  This will definitely be my final term in office.  We are training some enthusiastic younger members to take the helm in order to contine the course we have taken to make this one of the most vibrant and energetic Republican organizations in Texas.  You have elected a great team once again for 2008, and many of he committee chairs have volunteered to stay on.  We do have a few vacant committee chairs and all committees still need volunteers.  Those of you who have emailed me about the possibility of serving as a committee chair will be contacted very shortly.

Our Christmas luncheon is going to be an exciting event with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst as our speaker.  Ladies, please remember to wear red that day; and gentlemen, I know only a few of you possibly have a red jacket, so a red tie will suffice.

Please make your reservations as early as possible.  Oak Hills Country Club states that the number of guests is limited to 200.

Freida Wright