President's Messages > February 2008

Sherry Sylvester was a huge draw at our January luncheon when she spoke on lawsuit reform. Sherry had been our guest speaker in 2004, but at that point in her career she was with Texas Media Watch. If you didn't get an opportunity to sign up to receive information about Texans for Lawsuit Reform, please go to We will also have some brochures at the February luncheon. It is again time for the Alamo City Republican Women's Membership Recruitment Reception. As you can see from the cover on this newsletter, Dr. Day and Mrs. Marilyn McNeel are opening their home for us once again. Since this is an important election year, let's invite all of our friends, relatives and neighbors to get them involved, excited and working for our candidates. The cost to attend is only $35.00; this includes a free membership for one year in Alamo City Republican Women, and if you have already paid your 2008 dues, it will cost you only $10.00 to attend. Many of our local and statewide candidates will be in attendance vying for your vote, so come and meet them on a personal level. As usual, the reception is a walk-around, meet-and-greet occasion with a delicious finger-food brunch from 11:00 AM until noon, followed by the program. With the Primary Election upon us, we will have to make some very important choices--especially for President. Do you feel as I do so far as he national media are concerned, that they make one feel as if the Texas primary doesn't count? In reality, where the Presidential race is concerned we, of course, should vote our concience, but we also have o look at the "big picture" and not be a one-issue voter. We also have some local races that need careful thought, so please, so find out everything you can about each candidate. Make your own decision, and don't rely solely upon the Express News! As an election judge, I am still amazed at voters who come in the polling station with the newspaper recommendations in hand. Photographs from our Christmas luncheon are posted on our website. Sally Menzies, our 2007 photographer, was a busy lady that day just snapping away, and she got some great candid shots of Lt. Governor Dewhurst and all of the "ladies in red" ( a few gentlemen too!). If you would like a copy of any of the pictures but are unable to get them directly off of the site, please do let us know. We can email them to you in a more preferred format. While on the subject of emails, please let us know whenever you change your email address. Remember, we do not give your email address to candidates, but from time to time we will forward emails from a candidate at his or her request. We send all emails "blind copy" and I personally wish everyone who forwards an email to me, or sends emails to multiple people, that they would all send them as blind copies. I often receive an email from someone I know with numerous unknown addresses listed, especially if it is a forwarded email. This is one of the ways how spammers get your email address. If you are not certain whether or not you have paid your 2008 dues, please check the address label on this newsletter. It will show either 2007 or 2008. Please note the reception is on a Wednesday this year. Freida Wright