President's Messages > March 2008

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend our membership reception at Dr. Day and Mrs. Marilyn McNeels' home on the 20th but I have received nothing but compliments on what a huge success it was. The Executive Board and other volunteers just jumped in and took over and went above and beyond what was expected of them. Our First Vice-President, Tina Booker, was "baptized by fire" when she had to step in and take over for me at such short notice. Our "men," Don Tedder, Jim White and James Booker did an excellent job performing their duties wherever needed. Thank you guys! I hear the food provided by the membership was awesome, and that Patsy Lee and Bev Evans made delicious punch. There are so many individual people to thank--our in-house songbird, Sandra Peters, for singing the National Anthem, State Rep. Frank Corte, for giving the two pledges and the Rev. Troxel for giving the invocation. To all Alamo City Republican Women members--you are so very much appreciated! Of course the McNeels were as gracious as ever, opening their lovely home and garden to us. This is the eighth year they have done this for Alamo City Republican Women. Thank you, Marilyn and Day. I understand that Tina Benkiser, Chairman of Republican Party of Texas, and Michael Williams, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, did an excellent job of getting everyone revved up for the 2008 elections. We really appreciate both of them taking the time to attend our reception. I wish to thank Dr. Johnny Lovejoy, State Executive Committeeman for Senatorial District 26, for introducing both speakers. Curt Nelson, the State Executive Committeeman for Senatorial District 25, had been scheduled to introduce Chairman Benkiser, but he had to be in Austin for a meeting. Check our Michael Williams' website at There are three pictures from our reception. Our ACRW banner looks fabulous. Senator Wentworth will be analyzing the Primaries for us in March, so please invite a friend; if applicable, bring your spouse along too. Roger Williams, former Secretary of State, is heading up The Texas Victory 2008; he will be speaking on April l5th. You won't want to miss this event, so please mark your calendars for that date too. Regarding my situation: I am sure that many of you already know that I have be diagnosed with a carotid brain aneurysm, and as of this writing, I do not know what the future holds. I am waiting to see if I am a candidate for the coiling procedure where they go through my groin to my brain to coil wire into the aneurysm like a ball of string, or whether I will have conventional brain surgery and the aneurysm clip. I am rooting for the coiling, because the recovery time is only a few weeks. I am overwhelmed with the love and concern you have showered upon me via emails, calls, cards and prayers. You are all so dear to me. I hope to be writing the President's message again next month, but if if is not meant to be, we have an excellent board to serve you and the candidates. I know everything will run smoothly. Freida Wright